Roddy Rod – Oakwood Grain II (MP3)


Roddy Rod is member of two landmark hip hop collectives (Maspyke and Low Budget), and has worked with the likes of Q-Tip, Edo G, Planet Asia, Wordsworth, Kev Brown, Oddisee, and more. His instrumental opus Oakwood Grain was released in Japan in 2005, and he went on to release the Rawkus-certified Blunk Park Sessions. Now, Roddy is unveiling his instrumental follow-up, Oakwood Grain II. With 21 thumping tracks, plus a few choice vocal guests, OGII is a must-have for beat junkies.

1. Intro2Strive4
2. Redscheme
3. Jumonji
4. Leviathan
5. Lightly Anxious
6. Mohulu
7. Relos
8. Grupos
9. News Briefs
10. Keep Transit (feat. Finale, Muhsinah, and Bilal Salaam)
12. Windowseater
13. Servinem'(PONG)
14. Holding On
15. Magic
16. Rudolf
17. Truly 1Derful (feat. Cynthia Hawkes)
19. Lookin4StevieJ (feat. Choppe Chop)
20. The End Of It All
21. Soul That Is