Omega One – The Lo-Fi Chronicles (MP3)


The debut album from longtime Aesop Rock and Blockhead producer/collaborator Omega One is filled with otherworldly sci-fi soundscapes sure to please any fan of boundary-pushing music. The Lo-Fi Chronicles has been in the making for some time, and promises not to disappoint. Omega's keen ear for beats and samples have been shaped his evolution into one of the most talented producers existing in the dual worlds of hip-hop and electronica.

1. Just A Sample
2. Body Double
3. Memento
4. T.a.B.
5. Paper Bag Boxer
6. Mom’s Revolver
7. Off The Horizon
8. Interlude One
9. I Want It All (feat. I Self Devine)
10. The Hashishin
11. Joint Operation
12. Interlude Two
13. 20 Million Miles
14. Cliff Banger
15. Coup d’Etat (feat. LoDeck)