Nire – Radika (MP3)


Queens native Nire brings together the pulse of NYC with a burst of her unique spirit.  After grinding as a DJ in New York hotspots for quite some time, the talented artist is now releasing her first studio album, Radika.  A genre-bending excursion into her distinct artistry, Radika features an all-female cast of buzzworthy young vocalists.  “I chose to work with all women artists as a natural inclination, but also to create a new type of experience for myself and the artists, who frequently only have the choice to work with men in the studio,” explains Nire. “I wanted to expand options… and it’s just fun as fuck to work with other women!”

1. Commie Mommie (feat. Maluca and Nani Castle)
2. Flowers Out the Meadow” (feat. Gnucci and Nani Castle)
3. Bird Song (feat. Bunny Michael)
4. No Know (feat. Nani Castle)
5. I Don’t Give A (feat. Jaq)
6. Call Back
7. MHTD (Mental Health Trill Day) (feat. Nani Castle)
8. Gwiz (feat. 10ille and Nini Rey)
9. Novela / Glass City
10. U Should Run (feat. Blake Perlman)
11. Hopscotch (feat. Nani Castle and Nini Rey)
12. Teknok
13. I Don’t Know (feat. Blake Perlman and Nani Castle)
14. Aikrose