MF DOOM – Live From Planet X (MP3)


MF DOOM is the man in the iron mask. The prolific emcee (then known as Zev Love X) got his break when he was featured on the classic 3rd Bass single “The Gas Face” back in 1989, and made a name for himself as the leader of KMD in the early 90s. Since reinventing himself as an underground hip hop supervillain, DOOM has become a mythical figure of epic proportions. DOOM's first ever live album further adds to his legend, as he runs through his classic catalog during a rare live performance.

1a. Change The Beat
1b. Name Dropping
1c. Greenbacks
1d. Go With The Drawls
1e. Gas Flows
1f. Operation Doomsday
1g. Hey!
1h. Accordion
1i. Great Day
1j. Rhymes Like Dimes
1k. I Hear Voices
1l. My Favorite Ladies
1m. One Beer
1n. Fine Print