J Rawls – The Hip-Hop Affect (MP3)


J Rawls helped launch the independent Hip-Hop explosion of the late 90s by producing “Brown Skin Lady” from Mos Def and Talib Kweli’s seminal album as Black Star, and went on to anchor acclaimed duo Lone Catalysts. He now returns with his first solo hip-hop album in a decade, featuring appearances from Rhymefest, Sadat X, Tanya Morgan, Copywrite, Bad Azz, Edo G, Stalley, Casual, Count Bass D, Wise Intelligent, El Da Sensei, John Robinson, and more. Born out of a dialog with his son, The Hip Hop Affect explores Rawls’ personal journey from Ohio to cities all over the world, as well as Hip-Hop’s journey from block parties to MTV to total ubiquity.

1. HHA Intro (feat. Joshy)
2. Best Producer on the Mic (feat. Diamond D, Oh No and Kev Brown)
3. Face It (feat. Sadat X and Wise Intelligent)
4. Jewel (feat. Afaliah)
5. Going Through Records (Interlude)
6. Salute (feat. Piakhan)
7. Just Rhymin’ with Fest (feat. Rhymefest)
8. That Very First Day (feat. Fat Jon [3582])
9. Heeey (feat. El Da Sensei, John Robinson, LeFortheUncool and Afaliah)
10. Who Am I? (feat. S.P.I.R.I.T.)
11. Making a Beat (Interlude)
12. Sandsy (feat. J. Sands [Lone Catalysts])
13. Ya Friends in the Way (feat. Senor Kaos)
14. Are You Listening? (feat. Bad Azz, Copywrite and Edo G)
15. Jussy On The Mic (Interlude)
16. Why You Do
17. Find a New (feat. Casual)
18. Da Beatbox (Interlude)
19. We’re on Top (#OhioTakeOver)
20. The Beat’s Done (Interlude)
21. HHA Outro (Joshy Gets It)