DJ Babu – Duck Season Vol. 3 Instrumentals (MP3)


The evolution from DJ to producer is on full display throughout the sonically superior third edition of DJ Babu's long-running series. The fast-moving collection showcases all of Babu's rapidly expanding talents, from mixing, juggling, blending and scratching – not to mention producing the entire album. “This is my producer LP disguised as a mixtape,” the Dilated Peoples and Beat Junkies member explains. Despite his transformation, Babu won't forget where he came from. “All my beats come from a DJ mentality,” he says. This instrumental edition further highlights the stellar production on Duck Season Vol. 3.

1. DS3 Intro
2. Dearly Departed
3. Fan Mail
4. The Unexpected
5. Frozen
6. East West Connection
7. My Opinion
8. Two Feet
9. Black & Brown Army
10. Graveyardshiftin
11. For Whatever It’s Worth
12. It’s A New Day
13. O.G.
14. Guns Gon Blow
15. That Ain’t Gangsta
16. Meant To Be
18. Ahead Of My Time