DJ Babu – The Beat Tape Vol. 2 (MP3)


After the success of his first instrumental offering, DJ Babu brings fans another installment in his Beat Tape series. Already a legend in the DJ world thanks to his work with Dilated Peoples and The Beat Junkies, Babu has spent the past few years focusing on his production, crafting a unique sound in the process. The Beat Tape Vol. 2 is a treat for all the true B-Boys and a testament to the fact that the vine between hip-hop's golden era and today is still deeply rooted.

1. Intro
2. I Don’t C U
3. K-Dub
4. 2024
5. Earthfire
6. No Secret
7. Sunshine Days
8. Mr. Lone Lee
9. Hold The Mark
10. Silly
11. Yacht Hop
12. Forever
13. Here I Am
14. Nelson’s Cesar Salad
15. Takeova
16. Ready
17. Reneg
18. Canned E
19. Do Not Dispute
20. Gyeah
21. Strive To Be A Godfather
22. Ghost Romper Room
23. Lil’ Juanito
24. Shack of Soul
25. Dracoola
26. Who Can’t Hear
27. Blackfoot
28. Kallen Durr
29. Mortay
30. Manferd
31. What R U Doin
32. Funkydromedary
33. I Heart U For All
34. Finally
35. Elec Trick Sim Phonie
36. Innernational Thylee
37. Phlip The Track
38. Preach B-Dub
39. I’m Gonna Stay