Blu – Open (MP3)


Since his early work with producers Exile, Ta'Raach, and Mainframe, L.A. rap savant Blu has turned to creating his own soundscapes in recent years. Now, he's putting his beats on full display with the production album Open. Featuring a slew of promising up-and-comers on the mic, Open is a perfect showcase for Blu's hazy, lo-fi production. Along with two show-stopping appearances from Blu himself, the album features buzzed-about MCs like Fresh Daily, ScienZe, and Sene, as well as newer names like Just Lee and Tribe of Levi. All guests were hand-picked by Blu, so Open also showcases his impressive ear for talent.

1. Just Lee – Point Blank
2. Da 1 – Good Gracious
3. Blu – Steel Remains (Raw)
4. Aaron Smartz – Gotta Be Free
5. ScienZe and Versis – Taking The Day Off
6. Chop and Fresh Daily – Part Time Suckas
7. Blu and Sene – Avenge Of The Cheap Ass
8. D Tail and Definite – Remember Me
9. Tribe Of Levi – The Dance
10. Ms Guiterrez – Ooh Child
11. Micah – The Bottom
12. Esmeralda Starlett – Brown Sucre
13. The End
14. South Broad – Twenty Seven