Blu – Open Instrumentals (MP3)


Since his early work with producers Exile, Ta'Raach, and Mainframe, L.A. rap savant Blu has turned to creating his own soundscapes in recent years. Before it became a classic production album featuring a hand-picked selection of young rap talent, Open was an instrumental collection released on Blu’s MySpace page. Now, the original vocal-free version of Open is remastered and receiving an official digital release. With 14 beats crafted by Godlee Barnes himself, it’s a perfect showcase for Blu's hazy, lo-fi production.

1. NoWorries(TheyGonnaLoveUBaby)
2. GoodGrace(LetUsThankHimForThisFood)
3. RAw!(AsHardAsItGets)
4. TheRunAwaySlaveSong
5. LikeEveryDayAintTheSame
6. OpenChopShop(MilkMoneysFirstBeat)
7. LetMeTellU
8. TalkingToMyselfTooOften
9. WeDance(ThoughIWalk,WeUsedToFly)
10. TheLongWindedReverendBarnes
11. FoundAtTheBottomOfTheRainbow
12. SucreForSunshine
13. ThruTheMist
14. ThankU