Ayatollah – Louder (MP3)


Ayatollah is the rare producer to bridge the gap between classic New York hip-hop production and today’s current flashy style. His new all-instrumental album called Louder is a testament to hot beats, past, present, and future. Hailing from Queens, Ayatollah has produced for the likes of Mos Def, Ghostface Killah, G-Unit, Rakim, Guru, Styles P, Tragedy Khadafi, Vast Aire, and many more. With influences such as Marley Marl, 45 King, and Pete Rock, Ayatollah has created a copycat-proof sound steeped in hip-hop culture. Louder is an instrumental collection of Ayatollah’s favorite compositions, all of which had never previously been heard by the public.

1. Intro
2. Circulate
3. Louder
4. Other Worlds
5. Into Space
6. Naturally Born
7. Chariots Of The Gods
8. Music To My Ears
9. Eye Pod
10. Pound Cake
11. A Soul Prayer
12. Coonshin
13. In Time My Brother
14. Charlie Is Brown
15. Nature Sound
16. Baisley Park
17. A Cold Feelin
18. Give That Woman A Chance